Stellar being

3 week workshop - 2017

In collaboration with Martina Taranto, Tinya Huang & Kenneth Arnold. The project was a short workshop project spanning over three weeks.

Stellar Being sets out to explore what happens to us as beings when we adapt to a life in solitude. When excluded and disconnected from the rest of the terrestrial life, there is not only a need to adapt physically to a new context, what happens to our sexual inclination and romantic aspirations? The project was guided through conversations with The National Centre for Space Studies (CNES).

Sexuality is one of the main pillars that make up our personality, yet all sexual interactions are prohibited in space travel. Experiments by NASA, exploring how long periods of solitude affects us as humans have shown how the lack of intimacy results in mental issues. The project sets out to explore how conditioning could be used as a tool to prevent the future challenges that are arising