Report on the future of materials - 2018

Malfunctioning Materiality is a report on imagining a world where there is no negative impact on nature from mass manufactured production. An industry where the building materials could not only be used again but also return back into nature’s natural ecosystem at any point, then be extracted again.

Statistics now show an estimate that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean by weight than fish. Using man-made materials, or most natural materials comes with responsibilities to understand how materials used for production affects the environment. When you extract the materials from - for example oil - the material gets stuck in an ever-going recycling cycle where there is an imperative for the material to be reused since it will take centuries for the plastic to turn back to nature from being plastic. Looking at this, there is still about 95% of the plastics that is lost after a short-term use, not getting recycled[1].There are three critical areas that directly affect the environment. One part is what happens to objects when they break down or gets thrown away, losing their value and turn into waste. The other part is what happens when the material in question degrades and the third is how society will cope with the resources of earth running out.

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